SUMMARY: Jumpstart/Network Problem

From: jdickert <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 08:55:50 EST
After lots of helpful advice and troubleshooting I'm finally getting this 
summary out.

It was suggested that the problem I am experiencing with jumpstart bombing out 
when connected to our University network but working fine when isolated with 
the JS server is due to other BOOTP server on my subnet.  Since there are 
several departments managed by different sys-admins on this network that was 

Thanks to Roland Gabriels advice to snoop the network while doing a jumpstart 
session I was able to find two machine that were replying to the BPARAM 
request other than my jumpstart server.  One of the machines is an SGI server 
and the other an NT4 server.  Both of these return fully qualified domain 
names instead of just the host name and jumpstart will not accept this.  The 
jumpstart server returned the proper information but was confused by the other 
two replys.  This is the snoop log info. just before the failure for those who 
would like to know what to look for.

Station01 = Jumpstart server
Station03 = Install Client
Visco = SGI server
cfd = NT4 server

6793 0.00145 -> station03 BPARAM R WHOAMI? in
             6794 0.00026 station01 -> station03 BPARAM R WHOAMI? station03 in 
<NIS domain>
             6795 0.00012 -> station03 BPARAM R WHOAMI? in
             6796 0.02861 station03 -> (broadcast) ARP C Who is, ?
             6797 0.00004 station03 -> (broadcast) ARP C Who is, station01 ?
             6798 0.00002 station03 -> (broadcast) ARP C Who is, ?
             6799 0.00003 station01 -> station03 ARP R, 
station01 is 8:0:20:8f:28:85
             6800 0.00020 station03 -> station01 ICMP Destination unreachable 
(UDP port 1023 unreachable)
             6801 0.00027 -> station03 ARP R, is 8:0:69:d:b5:79
             6802 0.00011 station03 -> ICMP Destination 
unreachable (UDP port 1023 unreachable)
             6803 0.00032 -> station03 ARP R, is 8:0:69:12:5d:6f
             6804 0.00011 station03 -> ICMP Destination 
unreachable (UDP port 1023 unreachable)

I was able to get around this by having the Mac address configured through our 
port security system to only accept replys from the port that the JS server is 
connected to.  This works and is a good troubleshooting tool but not a viable 
solution when you have machines that rotate to other buildings frequently.  
The only other solution, though not a good one, is to set up a small network 
for the purpose of installing the machines jumpstart (I'll have 50 - 100). 
This doesn't help matters when the machine are out on campus and need to be 
reinstalled or updated using jumpstart.

If anyone has other suggestions they are very welcome.


>===== Original Message From jdickert <> =====
>This is a follow up to a question I submitted last week. I'm having problems
>with jumpstart bombing out when attached to the network but working fine when
>isolated with the jumpstart server on a separate hub.
>Many of you suggested that it is possibly due to another bootp server on the
>same subnet.  I'm at a University with many departments on the same subnet so
>that is possible.
>At the suggestion of one of the sunmanagers, Roland Gabriel, I used snoop
>while trying to net install a client attached to the network and received the
>following UDP errors.  This is where it bombs and restarts the client with 
>'boot' command instead of going through the install.  "Pace02" is the client
>to be installed and "pacesvr" is my jumpstart boot/install/config server.  
>other two servers are somewhere on my subnet.
>pace02 -> pacesvr      ICMP Destination unreachable (UDP port 1023
>pace02 -> <> ICMP Destination unreachable (UDP port
>1023 unreachable)
>pace02 -> <> ICMP Destination unreachable (UDP port
>1023 unreachable)
>If anyone has any suggestions on where to go next I would appreciate the 
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