Summary: Interfacing admintool from a remote host

From: Andreas Hoeschler <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 05:54:33 EST
Thanks to all that responded to my question. Administering Solaris from
a MacOSX works like so.

 Install on Mac:			XDarwin
 Issue on the Mac: 			xhost +
 Issue on Solaris as root: 	export DISPLAY=<hostname of mac>:0.0
 Issue on Solaris as root: 	admintool &

> I hve no experience with modems on a netra, but I seem to remember that
> modems on other Sun hardware use regular modem cables *not* null modem
> cables. In addition, a null modem cable is what I use to connect a Sun
> serial port to another machine.

The adaptor coming with the Netra X1 is crossed (Nullmodem). This allows
to connect directly to a notebook or PC. In order to connect to a modem
one has to use an additional nullmodem cable to uncross the wires again.


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