SUMMARY: machine panic while installation

From: Santos, Ramiro <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 05:21:33 EST
Hi, sorry for the trouble, my question wasen't  very well formulated
Of course we have one support contract with Sun, and normaly they 
solve such problems. My intension was to see by my self if it was my fault
during the installation of SunMC (downtime). It was a global Question to
find a way
to see what was the last file access that fires the panic.

...anyway, some replies were good.

>In panic you had dump files on /var/crash/`hostname`. I don't know if
>you got the E10000 courses, but if you do them, in ST350 you learn about
>crash analysis, and in ES400 you got chapter 11 showing extensions to
>ST350. If you didn't get E10000 courses I suggest you get ISCDA script on
>sunsolve site and run on core dump files or use crash command directly
>(there is an internal help and it's simple to use, totally different from
>adb ;-).
>crash is very good to show you the crash' s scenario and you can
>discover what happens and who was the culprit.
>Sergio Luiz Novaes

Many thanks to:

	Sergio Luiz Novaes
	Fabrice Guerini
	Mark Mahabir

Best regards

Ramiro Santos

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