SUMMARY: SSH for Terminal Servers

From: Moore, L. Bryan <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 16:49:46 EST
Well, the majority of replies were condusive to products by Cyclades
(  All of the responders mentioned that these products use
a stipped down Linux OS and handle the SSH quite well.  I have also included
other products below with the persons responsible for the replies....

We are currently using Lightwave 3200's and I was hoping to upgrade the
internal OS to support SSH.  I have contacted Lightwave but have not gotten
a response...I will further summarize when I do.

Many thanks!!!

Cyclades - All pretty much agreed that the Linux kernel supports SSH and
those who were using the product were very happy with it.
Frank Smith
Tim Chipman
Steve Camp
Tom Lojewski
Darren Dunham
Nigel R. Owen
Sam Horrocks
Philip Miller
Martin Schmitt

Mike DeMarco - Lightwave has a terminal server that can use SSH. It runs a
OS and you have to telnet to the box then connect to the host
terminal from there.

Paul LeMadeleine - I know that the new versions of the lightwave console
servers are SSH 
capable along with LDAP and NIS for authentication.  Check out

Jeff Kennedy - Yep, Lightwave now has a secure terminal server with ssh
built in.
We don't have these but we do have the older models and are happy with

Daron Barndon - The new versions of cisco IOS now support ssh (v1 I think -
not sure about

Kevin Graham - Load out a Cisco 3640 w/ 3 NM-32A's, 1 NM-1E (..or
equivalent, just
need to get an ether interface on it somehow) and IOS 12.2, and you'll
have a 96 port terminal server capable of a direct SSH to each line.

Mark Bergman - Yes. Yes.

The Cisco 32[46]0 series devices, with one IP card and up to 3x32 port async

cards make fine (if expensive) terminal servers. The IOS supports ssh, and I

believe you can get IPSec support as well.

Sid Wilroy - We purchased a couple of these Arula terminal
server. spin off from HP..
(Also has one for sell if anyone is interested, please contact him...HAHA)

Brian Catlin - ION makes one now that has the ssh v1 and 2 capabiliites.
Saw it demoed
about a month ago  (We have their sentry series term servers)

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