SUMMARY: Problem with Disksuite 4.2

From: Harrington, David B (Contractor) <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 11:07:02 EST
Sorry for the long response time, but I was hoping...

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Harrington, David B (Contractor) wrote:

Machine is a E450, running Solaris 7 (11/99), The most recent large patch
install was in December. As a part of attempting to fix this problem, I've
installed patch106627-11 (for SDS 4.2). I've also add two rpc calls in
/etc/inetd.conf, as suggested in the archives. These drives are new Fujitsu

I installed Disksuite 4.2 from the Easy Access disk without any apparent
problem. It didn't modify /etc/inetd.conf for some reason. Should it have? I
did a custom install of EA, selecting the packages to be installed. I didn't
install SUNWadm, and can't right now because an Oracle DBA has the system
for a critical install.

My problem is:

	I create the metadb as follows:

	metadb -a -f c2t2d0s7 c3t2d0s7 c4t2d0s7 c5t2d0s7 

I run metatool. It shows the metadb in critical mode. Each of the slices
shows as critical. If I evaluate the metadb, it says it's OK. Yet disk or
slice information shows it as critical. The size of the slice shows as
356GB; not bad for a 9GB drive, 7MB slice.

I'd added one mirror, and it showed as critical, with each slice as
critical. When I evaluated a mirror, or a slice of the mirror, it showed as

My experience with 'critical' drives in the past meant they were bad, and
the format program would prove that. I can't find any problem with them.

I'm pretty comfortable with DiskSuite, but I'm baffled right now.

Anyone have any ideas?
I got responses from Donovan Reese, Mike (of Mike's List), and Chris Price.

Each suggested commands which I had tried, and didn't work.

One Sun techie suggested that if the command line commands appear to do what
you want, and metatool is giving unsatisfactory answers, go with the command

I don't have an answer, and I guess I'll go with what I have. ... and lean
heavily on backups.


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Solaris System Administrator - EDS
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