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From: Surender Dinkar <>
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 06:25:14 EST
Unanimous answer was "you cannot do it" . Few suggested to disable
fingerd . Well this was not something I was looking for. Thanks to the
following gurus .

I had asked this question as I was not able to do "finger one_of_myuser"
. The output suggests as if there is no user with this ID, which is not
true.  I thought he had done something to hide from finger command .
Well I have confirmed from him and he hasn't done anything . Digging
deeper I got to know there were few more user IDs which I cannot
"finger" . The only thing common between these IDs is if I do "ypcat -k
passwd|grep ^x" (Replace x with any of the alphabets) , these
non-fingerable IDs will be last 4 or 5 in the list . Is my password file
corrupt ? .Can somebody shed some light on this?

In nis environment which  file will finger refer to for "In real Life"
information ?
How does "ypcat -k passwd " sort its output ? It is not as it appears in
passwd database ,not alphabetical, and not by uid .


Original posting

> Hello everybody
> How can I stop somebody seeing my information when they do "finger
> my_login_id"  ? I am not administrator so I cant disable the service
> itself . I will summarize.
> thanks
> Surender
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