Summary: OpenWindows & CDE

From: <>
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 00:11:05 EST
Thanks for all who replied.  Since I have to work on 
other projects at the moment I won't be able to try 
any of the following ideas until the end of next 
week.  Here are some of the tips I received for trying 
to stop a window from being active by simply putting 
the mouse cursor over the window.

Valeriy Glinskiy wrote:
/usr/dt/bin/dtstyle -> window -> click in window to 
make active

Quite a few wrote something like this:
In CDE, right-click on desktop, choose Tools -> 
Desktop Controls -> 
Windows Style Manager. Choose "Click in Window to Make 
  I should have stated that I already did this.

system administration account wrote:
This is definitely configurable. The relevant X 
resource should be
Dtwm*keyboardFocusPolicy . I have it set to "pointer", 
but that's
precisely the behavious you say you don't want. "man 
dtwm" should
tell you more. The default is supposed to 
be "explicit", which is
what you want, but maybe someone else changed it.

Thanks again,
Robert Abenoja
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