SUMMARY: target memory error

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 12:08:49 EST
Sorry for the late post, but I have an extra server and work with it and
only now have time to go back to this problem...

Thanks to mike.salehi and Rasmussen, turns out that one of the
memory stick was bad, but basically, I removed all memory and place it back
in one-by-one to see which was bad...also pull both CPUs and try one-by-one
as well...

- Mike

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Mike's List wrote:

> I was installing the Recommended Security and Patch for Solaris 8, in
> single user mode (preferably because no services are running?) but the
> system did a "watchdog reset" and the patch never finish...when I power
> down/up the system, it will not boot and only receives...
> CPU_00000000 >> error: target memory
> asi 20, addr 00000000, exp 00000000, obs 00000020
> So is it a CPU problem or memory problem?  How can I diagnose this?
> I can't even do a stop-a to get to the OBP or anything else to run
> diagnostics...
> I searched for target memory, nothing, and watchdog reset...and found
> the following at
> Watchdog reset is hardware trap that sent an interrupt to the CPU to prevent
> further damage when there is some kind of hardware problem. Hardware problems
> that frequently occurred are:
> 1. Over heating.
> 2. Memory error.
> - Mike
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