SUMMARY: converting workstation from dhcp to static IP

From: Jones, Elizabeth (NMCC) <>
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 17:48:54 EST
Thanks to everyone who made suggestions, the list is huge - Andrew Harvey,
Very Penguin, Ray McCaffity, Steven Strawbridge, Steve Camp, Thomas Jones, 
Steve Sandau, Sam Horrocks, Tim Evans, David Foster, Jim Dickert, Andrew
Caines, Dylan Northrup, Bill Pilarinos, Ozgur Demir, Mike Salehi, David
Harrington, Eric Priebe, Steve Elliott, Andy Lee, Mark Stallings, Dan Low,
Mark McManus, Jay Chembakassery, Todd Urie, Fabrice Guerini, Henrik
I think that's all!

Nearly everyone suggested running sys-unconfig and then double checking 
/etc/defaultrouter, /etc/resolv.conf, rm anything in /etc that had dchp in
the title, 
etc.   What finally ended up working was changing /etc/nodename from the
shortname, which was what I put in when I went thru the setup following
sys-unconfig, to the fully qualified name.  

A couple of people had other suggestions that I didn't try but they looked 
interesting and didn't involve sys-unconfig.  Thomas Jones suggested the 
following URL - .  
Tim Evans suggested just waiting a while for the arp
caches of surrounding machines to clear and for all I know that may have
been the problem.  Bill Pilarinos suggested using dhcpconfig which gives you
the option of unconfiguring your dhcp settings, but when I ran this it
find anything so apparently all my dhcp settings were successfully wiped out
when I reconfigured.  Eric Priebe suggested pinging by hostname rather than
to see if that would make any difference.   

Elizabeth Jones
Sprint PCS 3G DO
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