SUMMARY: Jumpstart/Network Problems

From: jdickert <>
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 11:43:36 EST
Thanks to all who replied.

To clarify the setup:  I have checked all the NIS/Network files in my install 
server Boot directory


Everything is fine.  Several of you have suggested that there may be a 
conflict with another bootp server on this same subnet.  That is a possibility 
as this is a building of several departments and each department with it's on 

Does anyone know of a utility in Solaris to check for other bootp servers on 
the network.  I know Windows 2000 has something like this.

I do have the Profile configured to set the NIS info. for NIS server and 
netmask.   I have the client and the boot/install/config server plugged into 
an isolated hub and uplinked to the global network.  During the boot net - 
install process, if I disconnect the hub from the network for about 1 minute 
after the "2ae00" process and  then reconnect it as soon as it goes to 
"Configuring /dev and /devices" the the install works perfectly and it reboots 
with all the correct name service settings.

This works but it's not practical when I have 20 machines to configure and a 
rotation every few months.  Any further suggestions would be appreciated and I 
will follow up if I find a solution.

Thanks for the help,
Jim Dickert
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