SUMMARY: Live Upgrade synclist: OVERWRITE vs. APPEND

From: Jim Winkle <>
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 12:07:40 EST
Thanks to Tim Evans who pointed out that there is a small amount of time
(around when the overwrite is actually taking place) when new messages might
not get logged, for example, problems with the overwrite. I left them as

-- Jim

Original post:
> Greetings Gurus --
> I'm using Live Upgrade (LU) 2.0 to upgrade Solaris 2.6 to 8.
> In the file /etc/lu/synclist are listed a dozen files to synchronize when
> cutting over to the new boot environment. Most are listed OVERWRITE, meaning
> LU will overwrite them with contents from the old boot environment (BE).
> Seems logical.
> But /var/log/syslog and /var/adm/messages are listed APPEND, meaning
> append the contents from the old BE. Won't this result in mostly duplicate
> entries in those files, basically doubling their size? Wouldn't it be better
> to OVERWRITE those, too?

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