SUMMARY: Network problems

From: <>
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 10:17:36 EST
Hello Admins.
Thanks for your fast responses. You pointed me to the right direction. Well, the
clients are not in the
DNS (i don't know why). In /etc/nsswitch.conf was an entry 'hosts: files dns'.
The servers have done
a reverse lookup but found nothing so they run into a timeout. The solution was
to remove the dns
in the hosts entry and now it works fine.

Wolfgang am 06.03.2002 10:12:55

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Thema:    Network problems

Hello Admins.
Our customer has an urgent network problem. If someone tries to login to a
host he must wait up to two minutes until the login prompt appears. After this
login it works as fast as usual. But after some time this problem comes again.

The machines are running under solaris 2.6 and are connected to a HP Procurve

We have checked the name resolving and the transmission parameters (both host
and port
on switch are 100Mbit full duplex).
In the moment i have no idea how to resolve the problem.


Wolfgang Leideck
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