SUMMARY: DT Messaging system could not be started

From: Geoff Lane <>
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 09:30:44 EST
There is NO previous question to which this is the summary answer - however
this error has had us puzzled for a couple of weeks and a user (!) finally
worked out the cause on our system.

When logging on to CDE, it is occasionally possible to obtain a warning box
containing a message similar to...

   The DT messaging system could not be started.

followed by a useless list of possible causes (the message appears to be a
generic CDE one and hasn't been updated to match the current Solaris

There is little clue why this message appears, SunSolve has some mention of
it but no real information that can help investigations.  There was some
discussion on this list a couple of years ago, but no mention of the cause
we discovered.

Our Solaris 8 system has user disk quotas enabled.  As part of initialising
the DT messaging system, some per-user files are created/modified in the
user's home directory.  If the files cannot be created or updated, the DT
messaging system cannot be started...

The user reporting the problem turned out to be over their disk quota and as
soon as they reduced their usage the warnings went away.

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