SUMMARY (2): Perl + Solaris --> MSSQL

From: Fabrice Guerini <>
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 10:19:58 EST
Well, all I can say for you out there who procrastinate on submitting
summaries: don't. After I sent my sorry summary confessing that I had to
use a Windows machine to access my badge system, Michael Grice e-mailed me
to say that he had successfully made this work. Thanks to his patience, and
some backing and forthing, I achieved the exact combination of
configuration flags, compilation options and module versions that allowed
me to access a SQL Server from my Sun. Here's the solution:

1) Download FreeTDS 0.53 from and build with the
    following configure options:

    # ./configure --with-tdsver=7.0 --with-prefix=/usr/local/freetds
    # make
    # make install

    The TDS version is set to 7.0, while in the code snippet listed
    below, 4.2 is used. It works. Don't ask. When the installation
    completes, create a new entry in /usr/local/freetds/interfaces
    to define the address of your SQL Server. For instance:

                 query tcp ether 1433
                 master tcp tds7.0 1433

    "ntws" is the name you will refer to the SQL Server as, when
    you invoke DBI->connect in the Perl code.

2) Download the DBD-Sybase-0.91 Perl module (versions above 0.91
    will not work), and configure as follows: edit CONFIG to set the
    following values:


    Then set your environment variables like this:

         export SYBASE=/usr/local/freetds

    (or if the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable is empty, set it to

    It is important to place the $SYBASE/lib pathname *first* in
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Also, edit the PWD file with the hostname of
    your SQL Server, and the appropriate username and password to
    bind to it.

    # /path/to/perl Makefile.PL
    # make
    # make test
    # make install

    Expect some of the tests to fail during the "make test". I only
    had 58% successful, Michael reported only 22% successful, but he
    was using FreeTDS 0.51.

3) Access the database with this code segment:


         use DBI;

         BEGIN {
             $ENV{SYBASE} = '/usr/local/freetds';
             $ENV{TDSVER} = '42';

         $data_source = "DBI:Sybase:ntws";
         $database    = "mydata";
         $username    = "snafu";
         $password    = "foobar";

         $dbh = DBI->connect($data_source, $username, $password) || die;
         $sql_statement = "SELECT table_name " .
                            "FROM $database.information_schema.tables";
         $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql_statement) || die;
         $sth->execute || die;
         while (($table) = $sth->fetchrow_array)
            print "Database $database contains table $table\n";

Voil`! Thanks Michael! (Thank you to Ed Rolison too, who also sent in his
two cents after I posted my summary.)


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