SUMMARY: mv and file names with blank characters

From: Adam Bisbe <>
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 06:55:31 EST
Thank you all, I have no tested everything, but I will.

Ed Rollison said:
Well, at a guess you're doing something like:
for file in `ls`
  mv $file /target_directory/$file
---------that's what I do!!!

which will throw up on files with whitespace, because put very simply,
'for' uses a space
as it's field delimiter.
the trick is to add
at the beginning
at the end to avoid any possible clashes later in your script.
What this should do is mean you have a delimiter on a carriage return,
rather than a space.
Of course, for this to work with mv you'll also have to put quotes around
the file name.
Most of you said put quotes around the name.
Surendar Dinkar and Modrego K. said:

mv "$file" /target_directory/`echo $file|sed -e 's/ //g'`    to move them
without white spaces .

-----Original question------------------
In a script I need to

mv $file /target_directory/$file

I am having problems with files that have white spaces on their names, how
can I move those files, or maybe better, rename them without white spaces.
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