Summary: User Creation

From: Rajnish Gupta (SSD-DELRO- SIP) <>
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 03:51:09 EST
Hi Managers

Thanks for all how responded. List is long.
Suggestiions were to use

1. rsync
2. NIS
4. Oracle Database

I had used rdist to do the work and it worked fine for me

Thanks again



HI Managers

We are planning to have a setup of two machines which 
would run independent oracle applications.

My Question is on User management on this setup.

The application developer has developed a user creation and deletion 
program using "unix commands for user creation and deletion". 
Users are required to be created on both the machines. example some of 
the users of application A would create users on Server A and the users
of application B would be created on Server B

Requirement is to synchronise the users on both the machines not using 
NIS but some other way

I could think of copying passwd and shadow file from one machine to 
another as soon as user is created.

Is there a better option to this problem ?

This qurey of mine might be too Generic but I am a novoice on Scripting, can
some help me providing such shell 
script or a C program.

Servers are running Solaris 2.6.




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