SUMMARY: Sendmail question

From: laloo yadav <>
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 00:57:16 EST
Thanks for an overwelming number of replies. There were 2 things 
that were proposed . either to list all the domains in 
/etc/mail/relay-domains or to use POP before SMTP or the 

for me the relay-domains didn't work. so now i am trying the POP 
be4 smtp.

the links  reffered to me were

and a very detailed mail from Tom Frerichs reffered these URLs.

My Original question was

>hi gurus,
>is it possible to allow relay based on only domainnames so that 
>the sendmail consults only the sender's domainname and not his ip 
>address to decide whether to relay or not.
>let me explain
>say i have virtually hosted with me. and there is a roaming 
>user whoes ip chages regularly ( different isp). now i want this 
>user to be able to use the same smtp server ( sendmail) .
>but sendmail gives  the following error
>Relaying denied. IP name lookup failed
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