SUMMARY: weird date problems last night (Feb 28)

From: <>
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 12:27:58 EST
After doing some searching on, I found BUGIDs 4357966 and
1241603.  Basically what they say are that when cron is started and, somehow,
doesn't get the TZ variable, you will get the problem that I got.  The day of
the problem (Feb 28th), my colleague restarted cron and maybe it got restarted
without the TZ variable being set correctly.  The next day when I found out
about the problem, she had already restarted cron again; thus, the reason why I
couldn't recreate it.  Why the TZ variable didn't get set at the first restart,
I don't know.. The BUGIDs mentioned above have information about how to make
sure the variable is set..  BTW, the first thing I did was look at the problem
from a security aspect and I found no inconsistencies.


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Ok, I've searched for ESTEDT on sunsolve and found a few bug reports about this
problem..  now I've got to track down why it happened only last night (cron was
restarted this morning and it doesn't seem to be having problems).. It has
something to do with the TZ variable that the user that runs cron gets when it
starts.  any input..


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Hey, all,
     I've got a strange problem on just one of my systems (E3500.. Solaris 2.6
last patched from the Jan 4th recommended patch cluster.. 105181-30 kernel..).
..  last night (I'm guessing around 6:30pm), jobs that were run through cron
displayed the date in their log files (or emails) as 5 hours ahead of the actual
time.  According to users, the actual system date was correct but cron seemed to
be pulling the wrong date from somewhere.  I've proven that this was true
because /var/cron/log shows the correct times that jobs were supposed to run but
the log files from the jobs were 5 hours in front.  Also, the logs are showing
the time zone (when date is run in the cron jobs) as ESTEDT instead of just EST
like normal.  I tested a cron job a little while ago and it would seem that
everything is ok now.. Nothing, as far as I know, changed last night.  I'm
looking into bug reports and patches now.. but I'd appreciate any insight...

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