From: Cian O'Sullivan <>
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 10:06:27 EST

Many thanks for the replies.  Many said to use SUNWvts, however I dont have
the media for Solaris 7 handy.  That aside, I got the perfect little script I
was looking for from Jez Ahl of Andel Consulting.

while true
  wc -m /dev/mem &

I added the date variable so that if it crashes without any sort of dump or
syslog, I can see when It crashed.

That is exactly what I wanted.




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> Subject: NETRA Dying: UPDATE
> Gurus,
> Thanks for all the input thus far.  Generally people
> suggested the power
> managements applications might be a problem, however this was
> not the issue.
> Besides a clean powr shut down would still write a note to
> the log, and not
> leave the disks like chop suey.
> The box is staying up now, while not on the network.  I need
> to put load on
> the box, and sustained load at that.  Does anyone know of or
> have a little
> script or app that will hammer the box and drive its load
> high.  Maybe a 24
> digit random factoring perl script or something.
> Anyhelp would be great.
> Thanks
> Cian
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