SUMMARY: ultra30 and scsci

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 02:49:12 EST
Gerard Henry wrote:
> hello,
> i received an old ultra30 and i can't use internal cdrom nor external
> scsi peripheral.
> when i do a probe-sci-all at OBP prompt, i see cdrom's led flashing but
> no device.
> when i try to plug an external cdrom (with changed id scsi), i see the
> same, led flashing but nothing else).
> When you do a show-devices, you see a lot of things... Is it possible
> that an entry for my cdrom was removed? can i reconstruct it?
> What 's the tools to verifiy hardware? I try to use sunvts, but it see
> no cdrom at all.

thanks to all who respond, now it works!
The problem was simple: on the cd, jumpers are badly positionned! we put
them on right place, disabling auto-term jumper, and now everything is
ok. In fact, the hard thing was to take off the cdrom 
Gerard HENRY
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