Summary: Short read. Disk red error.

From: David M. Netherby <>
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 04:46:11 EST
Thank you everyone who responded.
The error
Short read.
0x2000 chars read. Disk read error
was because my root partition is 3.5gigs and should be no larger than 2gigs
with PROM 2.22. As I said earlier and to many peoples amazement, the system
runs fine even with the error.
df -k / shows the correct size and I have it at 93% and have no problems.

Thanks again everyone


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Subject: Short read. Disk red error.

> Hi all.
> I am getting an error in PROM during boot:
> Short read.
> 0x2000 chars read. Disk read error
> I got this message a couple dozen times running up the screen during boot.
> System still boots just fine and I don't have any problems with the system
> the hard drive.  Is this the beginning of a bigger problem or should I
> not worry about it?
> This is on a Sparc 10 running Solaris 8. c0t1d0 is a Seagate st34572n and
> works fine other than the error. I have done everything I could think of
> still get this error.
> Anyone have any Ideas?
> David
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