SUMMARY: Ram Disk under Solaris 8

From: Palmer, Scott <>
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 15:37:24 EST
Basically I was looking to use tmpfs for my popdrop box for two reasons: 1)
To move the popdrop off of /var which is running disk quotas for the mail
boxes, 2) Speed .. I did not want to specifically say to use /tmp without
putting a limitation in place. That is where I was thinking of creating a
specific ram disk. I did not think about mounting tmfs with a size option. 

I created an entry in the vfstab like this: 
swap	-	/var/newdrop	tmpfs		-	yes	size=400M
(The largest I have seen popdrop at any one time is 250M)

Then I created a symlink from of /var/popdrop to /var/newdrop. The system
usually runs with 600-700 free megs of ram, this gives me a cap on my
popdrop so it will hopefully stay in ram. I realize during a system failure
or reboot that the data would be lost. But, with popdrop the email folder is
"copied" from the spool during the pop transaction. Once it is done it
updates the mail spool with the delete messages. With that being said, I
felt that during a system failure or a reboot that the worst thing to happen
(In the case of the email) is that the user gets the message again.

Thanks everyone for your responses..

Scott Palmer
GPS Operations Sr. Unix Administrator
Lockheed Martin M&DS - A Space Systems Company
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