SUMMARY: update > Level 15 Interrupt at PROM

From: David M. Netherby <>
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 20:26:03 EST
Got a lot of feedback on this one however I have to give the credit to John
Riddoch and Bill who both hit it on the head....or should I say the MEM
chip.  I pulled each memory chip out and put them back one at a time till I
came up with a bad one. Thanks guys :)

Now with a hook and a little wire I got myself a new fishing lure.

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Subject: update > Level 15 Interrupt at PROM

> Sorry everyone for not pointing this out.
> All drives are 50 pin SCSI and they are identical
> I get this error with the old second hard drive, the new second hard
> and with no second hard drive. Prom gives me this error before it even has
> chance to look for the drives. At bootup it give the banner which is
> and the error.  No checking boot device or anything like that.  I have not
> changed any Prom settings.
> Thanks again,
> David
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>   Subject: Level 15 Interrupt at PROM
>   Hi all,
>   I have a Sparc 10 running Solaris 8 with two hard drives. One c0t0d0 as
> boot drive and one c0t1d0 as my other that sounds like a coffee grinder.
Yes I
> am running Prom 2.xx so that order is correct. I got another hard drive "4
> Seagate" just like the grinder.  I shut down the system and swapped out
> c0t1d0 drive with the new one not touching the boot disk.  Now I got a
> 15 Interrupt at the prom level.  I put back the other drive and have the
> problem.  I checked the connections and everything is secure and in place.
> cannot find any help for this issue on the web and hope that some can help
> No I do not want to lose my data on the boot drive as that is my backup
for my
> NT servers, one of which just crashed and I need it back up tonight.
> help....and yes I am looking for a tape to do the rest of my backups on.
>   Thanks,
>   David
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