[SUMMARY] multi ip related problems

From: Giardina Marina <wavexx_at_ngweb.it>
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 08:20:10 EST
This is the first time that I do a summary so don't expect big things :).

Q - How can I route differently a tcp connection to the same host? For

machine A:

machine B:

netmask here is
machine B is completely closed and does an ip address based detection.

Every socket connection from machine A to machine B routes through hme0 and
machine B detects A always as

A - You can't. The only way is to change manually the routing order. Sadly,
you must be root to use route(1). Definitively the only good solution is to
manually change the sources to bind a socket call to a specific address. Not
appliable if you use closed source programs :/.

Thanks to everyone who replyed.

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