SUMMARY: Is there a way to kill a thread at unix command level?

From: Fletcher, Joe <>
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 10:18:20 EST

'Tis as I feared. Basically can't touch a specific java thread without
risking pain.  
In the end we restarted the whole app. A coding exercise will be underway
shortly to iron out the problem.

Thanks to Capser Dik for his assistance.



I have a system running a java application. The java app is a multithreaded
process. I want to kill or maybe renice one of those threads which is
chewing CPU without restarting the whole application. Can anyone tell me a
way to do it from a command line without having to write a java routine to
do it please? I can identify the LWPID via prstat -Lu so I'm looking for an
equivalent to "kill LWPID".

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