From: Stuart Kendrick <>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 13:09:57 EST
I was having trouble persuading sftp to work with OpenSSH under Solaris
2.8 and was seeing PAM-related errors in syslog.

-Turns out my commercial sftp client (F-Secure) had a bug in it; upgrading
to a newer build solved the problem.

-I also confirmed that I did not need to modify /etc/pam.conf -- the stock
pam.conf with Solaris 2.8 worked fine.

-I still see "[...auth.debug] pam_setcred: error Permission
denied" entries in syslog when I terminate ssh sessions.  But this seems
to be cosmetic.

Thanks to Mark Bergman and Jordi Vidal for assistance.


Stuart Kendrick



I've just installed OpenSSH 3.02p1 under Solaris 2.8, all recommended
patches installed (as of a week ago).

ssh works fine.  But when I try sftp2, I see the following in syslog:

Feb 26 04:51:13 guru sshd[889]: [ID 800047] Accepted password
for skendric from port 1295 ssh2
Feb 26 04:51:13 guru sshd[889]: [ID 800047] subsystem request
for sftp
Feb 26 04:51:13 guru sshd[889]: [ID 833576 auth.debug]
pam_setcred: error Permission denied

I'm using the stock /etc/pam.conf

Would anyone have a pointer for me on this?


Stuart Kendrick
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