SUMMARY: Swap and mail command issue

From: vikram kashyap <>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 07:46:30 EST
Dear All
       thanks to those who responded.
original problem
  1. # mailx -v root
     root.. connecting to local host via relay
root.. Deferred : connection refused by local host

# cat /etc/hosts  drnd  loghost .

sol:-  # domainname
       # hostname drnd
         # nslookup ...  ( check working or not)
          edit /etc/hosts with following
        # vi /etc/hosts drnd loghost

2. swap space shown by   df -k is continuously decreasing. to check swap use 
when i run
#swap -l it only shows header line and nothing else i.e.
  and nothing else
3. #swap -s gives
  swap: option requires an argument --s
usage:ps [ -aAdeflcj] [ -0 format] [+  termlist ][-u userlist] [-U userlist] 
[-G grouplist][-p proclist] [-g pgrplist][-s sidlist]
'format' is one or more of:
user ruser group rgroup uid ruid gid rgid pid ppid pgid sid pri opri pcpu 
pmem VSZ rss OSZ nice class time etime stime f s c tty  addr wchan fname 
comm  args
Sol: 2 & 3 - just have a look at the o/p of these above commands and u'll 
know what the problem is  actually when u run swap commands it shows o/p of 
ps commands .. that was the trick . actually the system was hacked with  
somebody removed /usr/sbin/swap and
  # cp /usr/sbin/ps /usr/sbin/swap
    we copied fresh /usr/sbin/swap  other server and
added  swap with #mkfile and #swap -a

now i am left with one question , how to recreate all the links ( 33) of 
  hope to get answer soon from most of you

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