SUMMARY: mounting NFS at boot time

From: Rob Helmer <>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 18:24:50 EST

Thanks to everyone who responded.

I received the following answers :

* passing "-o bg" is good, differing opinions on other options like soft and
  timeout. Should be fine.

* use a script in rc3 to check whether the NFS server is up ( e.g. using
  ping ) and refusing to mount if not ( I had considered this before,
  but just because the interface is up on the NFS server does not mean
  the NFS service is running, I don't think ping is adequate and I don't
  want to do more than a couple tests so I want to limit new dev.).

* use automount 

I will likely use the first or last option, automount seems ok but
I want to read more about it, since I've never used it in a production
system before.

The first seems like the safest, and probably what I will do.

Automount is quite popular, judging by responses, so I will consider
it in the future.

Rob Helmer
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