Summary: X session on boot-up

From: Heilke, Rainer <>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 17:40:43 EST
Well, my "no summary" got several times the responses as my first email.
Thanks, everyone!

Thomas Jones managed to track down a script from Henry Stilmack on Google.
Maybe my search terms were hosed (I may have been looking explicitly for Sol
8, for example). I was going down the wrong path with Xsun, xinit, etc.
Here's what I have right now:


     export PATH
     chmod 666 /devices/pseudo/cn@0:console
     chmod 666 /devices/pseudo/consms@0:mouse
     chmod 666 /devices/pseudo/conskbd@0:kbd
     chmod 666 /devices/pci@1f,0/SUNW,m64B@13:m640
     while [ "a" = "a" ]; do

       su - $USERNAME -c "/usr/openwin/bin/openwin"
       pid=`ps -ef | grep 'bin/X :0' | grep -v grep |awk '{print $2}'`
       wait $pid
     exit 0

I have to tweak it a little to allow the Oracle server to connect (xhost
+server), and I will want to change the user. I _may_ try to tweak this to
use dtsession, as Sun is dropping OpenWindows in the near future.

Thanks again, everyone. :-)

(A Happier Camper) 

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> Subject:	X session on boot-up
> Is it possible in Solaris 8 to boot up a server so that it automatically
> goes into an X session? I've been fighting with this off and on for a
> while,
> and can't seem to get it to work. (And yes, I know about the security
> concerns...)
> Some background:
> Oracle Financials has a reporting tool that requires an X Session on a
> remote system. I'm not exactly sure what all Oracle wants this for, and
> haven't been able to get an answer from the people at Oracle. I do know
> that
> an XSun session isn't enough (although I can run pretty much any X
> application on the XSun session just fine). We know about VNC and Xvfb,
> but
> we are looking for a Sun solution (and not just for support concerns). We
> have been testing and running the interim solution against VNC. I have
> written a couple of scripts that try to bring up CDE or OpenWindows, but
> they crash trying to bring up the window manager on top of XSun. When I
> log
> in over the network and run the scripts manually, they're fine. I
> suspected
> environment variables, but can't seem to get the right mojo for this to
> work
> automatically.
> Any help would be appreciated. The people at Oracle have been quite
> resistant to helping, and their only non-VNC/Xvfb solution doesn't work. I
> don't think they have any idea of why this whole requirement is a Bad
> Idea(tm).
> Thanks in advance.
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