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From: Heilke, Rainer <>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 14:56:51 EST
Well, I guess the lack of responses means either no-one has a solution, or
they misread my initial email and ignored the clarification. :-(

I got a couple references to VNC and Xvfb, which we do not want to use, and
a couple pointers on how to start up dtlogin locally or remotely, which I
already knew. No-one had any idea on how to have the system boot into a full
X session with a window manager running using stock Solaris software. I
guess what we'll have to do is take the init script that I have that crashes
on boot-up, and manually run it by telneting into the box (which seems to
work most of the time) after it boots. Shame there's no way to make this
work from an init script. I had hoped the solution would be easy; we bought
a Blade just for this reporting software to query against (we don't run X on
our database servers for obvious reasons).

Goes to show how brain-dead developers can be, having a 24x7 app that
requires a closed-source, unsupported app, or a complete manual hack, to
function at all. My opinion of Oracle has dropped several points from this
adventure. While this silliness happens all over, I thought Oracle would be
better than this. Guess not. :-(

Rainer Heilke

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> Subject:	X session on boot-up
> Is it possible in Solaris 8 to boot up a server so that it automatically
> goes into an X session? I've been fighting with this off and on for a
> while,
> and can't seem to get it to work. (And yes, I know about the security
> concerns...)
> Some background:
> Oracle Financials has a reporting tool that requires an X Session on a
> remote system. I'm not exactly sure what all Oracle wants this for, and
> haven't been able to get an answer from the people at Oracle. I do know
> that
> an XSun session isn't enough (although I can run pretty much any X
> application on the XSun session just fine). We know about VNC and Xvfb,
> but
> we are looking for a Sun solution (and not just for support concerns). We
> have been testing and running the interim solution against VNC. I have
> written a couple of scripts that try to bring up CDE or OpenWindows, but
> they crash trying to bring up the window manager on top of XSun. When I
> log
> in over the network and run the scripts manually, they're fine. I
> suspected
> environment variables, but can't seem to get the right mojo for this to
> work
> automatically.
> Any help would be appreciated. The people at Oracle have been quite
> resistant to helping, and their only non-VNC/Xvfb solution doesn't work. I
> don't think they have any idea of why this whole requirement is a Bad
> Idea(tm).
> Thanks in advance.
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