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From: laloo yadav <>
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 21:58:24 EST
hi all

my original question was that i have added a virtual interface but
after adding it the name resolution stopped working from browser. 

problem was bcoz of my silly mistake. i had a spelling mistake in /etc/hosts
and /etc/hostname.hme0:1. it was one of my collegue who spotted it and so that
was it. 
 thanks to all who replied and specially to Deborah who sent a
detailed mail . 


 Deborah writes          

 I don't know if
you ever got an answer to your question, but if  you're using subnetting,
don't forget about editing the /etc/netmasks file as well and that  you have
"ip forwarding" turned on (ndd /dev/ip ip_forwarding).
 Also if you have
duplicate additional local routes added (using ifconfig) and the virtual
interface is on the same subnet, you may need to do a "route delete  net" on
that interface.

 Oh and did you create an entry for each of your virtual
interfaces in the /etc/hosts with the hostname and IP address you want to use
and if you're using  NIS, NIS+ and/or DNS, you'll have to add the virtual
interface's hostname there 
           as well.

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