Corrected Summary: Flash Install - 280R to UE3500 - Problem with libnsl

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Sun Feb 24 2002 - 09:08:14 EST
Someone from the list was kind enough to point me that this is a known bug:

My base machine is a 280R 10/01 with VxVM Patch Rev. 03 (DBED 2.2).
Apparently, the latest patch set is plagued with problems in that is better
explained on SunSolve via the bug-ID mentioned.  The work-around is to have
certain vx-commands use /usr/lib and by explicitly declaring a
LD_LIBRARY_PATH in root's profile.

Thank you.


--- Initial Summary:---

Silly me..... just found out that after this specific Flash Install I did
not have a default profile. And my LD_LIBRARY_PATH was blank (Is this
normal? I never had this problem before in several Flash Installs that I've
done the past year...)...

Thanks to most of you who pointed me to the right path.


>  -----Original Message-----
> I just installed a FLAR created on a 280R (with SDS and DBED 3.0). On
> startup of the flared 3500, I get this error when executing vxdg (a VxVM
> executable).
> # vxdg
> vxdg: fatal: relocation error: file /etc/vx/slib/
> symbol _libc_register_forkhandler: referenced symbol not found
> libnsl is a network library based on its man page. I don't understand what
> vxdg has got to do with this library.  Any possible clues? Aside from this
> , everything seems to be working fine.
> Nelson
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