SUMMARY: Xserver crash when running Cadence simulation

From: Lee, Bin <>
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 03:37:39 EST
Thanks to :
	John Foster - Sun UK - Support Hub Engineer [J.Foster@Sun.COM]
	Jessie Yang - Sun China Support Center
	Tom Crummey []
	Jay Lessert []
	Brian Dunbar []

Without their great help, the issue would not be solved at all. 

The solution/proposal is to,
     *  Apply patch 108606-20 to fix M64 drivers for onboard graphics
chipset of SunBlade100;
     *  Download checkSysConf from to
check patches for the application.

Thanks again,

Lee, Bin (
C*Core Technology Co, Ltd.
Tel. : 0512-8091382

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Subject: Xserver crash when running Cadence simulation


One problem puzzled me for a very long time. 

I have several Blade100 workstations runing Solaris8 (01/01) with 01/03
Recommended pathes, and now some of which have encoutered the problems
like Xserver crashes when running Cadence, especially on simulation. The
error message in /var/dt/Xerrors is shown as below,

	Thu Jan 31 10:54:19 2002
	error (pid 266): Server for display :0 terminated unexpectedly 1

	XDPS Extension Error ID 0x23000001; extension disabled

	Fatal server error:
	XDPS Extension Error

For the $HOME/.dt/errorlog contains,

	Thu Jan 31 11:06:17 2002
	Workspace Manager: I/O error on display:: :0.0

	Thu Jan 31 11:06:17 2002
	dtsession: Connection to server lost - exiting.

According to the recommendation in summary before, I patched
108652-47,10940-39,108919-08,109354-14,108921-13, but unfortunately, no
improvement. Could you please give me some help or instruction?
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