Summary: Netra X1 RAM Upgrade

From: Martin Schmitt <>
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 13:39:10 EST
* Schmitt, Martin (Dregis STB C) wrote/schrieb:

> What kind of Memory do I need for Expansion of the Netra X1?
> Is "SD-RAM PC-133 ECC Registered" the correct specification? 

Thanks to the guys who pointed me to Other than Kingston,
these people aren't just trying to sell overpriced memory, they also give
away what kind of memory it is exactly. This confirmed my above guess 100%.

I picked up a "Samsung" module at the wholeseller and it works just fine. He 
said this was certified by Intel for Intel servers, so as the X1 basically 
is a PC with a Sparc processor I figured it wouldn't hopefully be too bad 
for it. ;-)


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