SUMMARY: Flash Image question

From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 14:35:29 EST
I got some responses to my question but the main issue was with the "how" to 
create the 'layered archives'....did more research and found that a bug has been 
reported to Sun (4489088) about flarcreate. We weren't having problems creating 
archives but we were with 'layered archives' and trying to create them from the 
top most directory. And since there was no documentation on how to do this, we 
just stumbled through and kept thinking that we were still off base with the 
flags/options. Anyway, there is no patch for this and I don't know if a fix will 
be part of the next release of Solaris 8 (couldn't get a straight answer from 

Thanks to all who did take the time to respond.

Original question:

Can anyone tell me "how" to create "layered archives with the flash images"? So 
far the documentation that we have found just talks about the ability to do this 
but no step by step procedure is listed. If there is a doc/web site/manual, 
please let me know.

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