SUMMARY: CDE and reverse video

From: Mike Box <>
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 10:46:25 EST
The summary, in one word, is "Duh!".  What I was overlooking was setting the
color: Style Manager - Color - NorthernSky (or others).

However, the responses offer interesting tips that I share below.

Thanks to these respondents:

Eric Priebe <>
Gerard Henry <>
Jay Lessert <>
Connolly, Michael <>
Scott Buecker <>


Just the terminal sessions, right?

Open the terminal, right click,
options, clobal, color control, inverse


you want an xterm in reverse video?
xterm -fg white -bg black
and you can choose "No backdrop" on cde


See dtterm(1) and xterm(1).  Use -bg and -fg per-instance to make 'em
anything you want, or set X11 resource defaults in .Xdefaults


In the file /etc/inittab, locate the line which starts "co:234:respawn"
 and replace `uname -n` with `echo \"\f\033[q\n\n\";uname -n`.

    The complete line should look similar to the following:

           co:234:respawn:/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -p       "`echo
\"\f\033[q\n\n\";uname -n` console login: "           -T sun -d /dev/console
-l console -m ldterm,ttcompat

 To test, exit the system and login again.  The screen should have
 been cleared to reverse video.


After setting your style the way you like it you need to open "Startup" from the 
Style Manager menu and click "Set Home Session".  This will make your current 
settings your home settings even after a reboot.


My original question:

I prefer reverse video display - white text on dark background.  (I find it
to be less eye strain.)  Yesterday I terminated a CDE session for the first
time in months and I lost this setting.  Now I don't remember and I can't
find how to control this setting.

The question I am asking is:
	How do you specify that windows be displayed in reverse video,
	as described above?

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