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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 14:30:22 EST
	First of all thanks for:

James Noyes <>
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	The summary for each question follow bellow.	
"Huang S. Yann" wrote:
>         UFS logging is the process of recording UFS updates in a log before the
> updates are applied to the UNIX file system. Using UFS logging (trans
> metadevices) in a large file system it's recommended. If a server reboot
> after a failure, we don't need to run fsck on file systems. The
> "Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 User's Guide" shows, starting on page 91, how
> to create trans metadevices in a simple steps.
>         Another way to do ufs logging is using the mount option logging in
> /etc/vfstab.
>         My questions:
> 1) Which of them is the better and why?

	Both types of logging option will suffer on a file system with
intensive write. In this case, the disksuite option is better, because
you can use the logging device in another disk and controler.

	The mount option logging (/etc/vfstab) is available in Solaris 7 or
Solaris 8, and it's easier to use. For older Solaris the option is from

	The file system / (root) can't be logged with disksuite, but it can be
logged with mount option.

> 2) The trans metadevice is formed by two devices (master device and
> logging device). The master contains the file system that is being
> logged, and the logging device contains the log. When I use the logging
> option in /etc/vfstab, where the log is stored?

	In the free space of the filesystem. Sized approximately 1Mb per 1Gb of
file system, up to a maximum of 64Mb.

> 3) Can I use the mount option logging in /etc/vfstab over metadevices?


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