SUMMARY: OS and df -k report file system full, du -sk says otherwise

From: Niedzialek, Brian, CSCIO <>
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 13:00:22 EST
Thanks to everyone who replied. I got 9 responses in 40 minutes.
My original question is below.

Basically, everyone who wrote to me told me that large file that's eating up
all disk space is still open. If I delete the file there are processes still
trying to write to it and the file descriptor is still open so the file won't
truly be erased and space made available.
Here are some suggestions on what to do:
  cat /dev/null into the log file. the process that has the open file won't be
disturbed and the file should be zeroed out.
  stop the process that has the log file open, then remove the log file. that
should close the file descriptor and allow the user to cleanly remove the
  also, use lsof and/or fuser to see what's open by which process.
  And this just in:
	`find /proc -type f -size +100000000c -ls` ....
	 That would reveal process ids that have file descriptors over 100M

My thanks to Dave, Adam, Bertrand, Don, Jeff, Bob, Christophe, Brian, and

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From: Niedzialek, Brian, CSCIO
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 12:06 PM
Subject: OS and df -k report file system full, du -sk says otherwise

Hello Sun Managers

I'm having a problem with a filesystem being reported as 100% full by df -k
but when I do a du -sk in the directory I only see a couple hundred MB of
actual usage. (the file system is 1GB)

Here's the background: the system is an  Ultra 60 running Solaris 2.6 with
recommended patch Cluster from  Oct 2001, kernel patch 105181-29. The
/export/home file system is 1GB ufs and there is no Volume Manager or Disk
Suite on this system. Under normal conditions this file system stays around
27% full. Sometimes a user has a log file that grows to around 700MB and uses
the remaining space on the file system. When they realize that the file
is full the users remove the large log file which should put the file system
back to around 250MB. The problem is, the OS still reports the file system as
full. df -k shows 100% usage but when I go to /export/home and run du -sk to
see which directory is large, I only see around 250 MB in the filesystem. I
have to get the users to log out, and then unmount and remount the file
system. Once this happened when a user copied the application directories
his home area so I know it's not just because one single file is large.

I browsed the archives and Sunsolve but didn't see anything that related to
this problem. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a patch out there that I
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