SUMMARY: EOL Solaris/Migration to Linux?

From: Terje J. Hanssen <>
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 05:43:16 EST
Below is my original query quoted.  

Thanks for many replies.  Some of you said this was hype, others were
doubting or surprised.
Many said Solaris is better scalable for larger servers and has better
security, and that Linux has a long way to go.

I was surprised that only a few mentioned the large impact of drivers
for industry standard and lowcost hardware and that there is a change 
that application provideres develope for Windows and Linux first.

Well, meanwhile two other interesting and related press news have
arrieved that talk for themselfes:

"Terje J. Hanssen" wrote:
> I just read that the Oracle chief predicted that Sun and HP were going
> towards a gradual death because of the Linux rapid growth.
> Have you, the sunmanagers, any thoughts about this subject?
> Or maybe, is Sun well prepared to include, merge or migrate to Linux,
> like their earlier merge 10 years ago between SunOS+SVR5 => Solaris 2?
> The reference link is:
> Terje J. Hanssen
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