SUMMARY: Need KVM switch suggestions

From: Vern Walls <>
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 17:03:07 EST
I want to thank everyone for all the responses (over two dozen) that I got to this inquiry....

My original post:

What brand/model/type of KVM switches are being used out there? I've got an urgent need to be able to put an E450 and one or two E250 servers (all of which have the Raptor GFX graphics card) in the same rack and hence need a KVM type switch to provide consoles for each of them. I'll summarize the responses for others to see as well.

And a summary of the responses:
2/3 thirds of the Reponses recommended I look at terminal servers as opposed to KVM switches, which do have advantages over KVM switches. For my particular needs, having the full graphics capability of the console available in our data center will probably outweigh the added benefit of having telnet access into a terminal server. Generally speaking, the KVM switches are by far the cheapest option, several being under $1K. Most terminal server/access switches run over $2K by the time you're set up with cables, etc.

Too bad no one I found makes a KVM graphics capable Sun switch that also has a telnet access port for remote ASCII-text-only administration, if you know of one please pass it on to me. Our decision is far from final, but I think upper management is still leaning towards a KVM switch solution.

Here's a breakdown of the specific product recommendations that were mentioned in the Reponses:
Cybex KVM					5 recommendations 
Lightware terminal server		4
Black Box					4
Cyclades terminal server		3
Aften Masterview KVM			2
NTI						2
Raritan, DIGI, Apex, Western Telemetrics, Rose		1 recommendation each

A sincere thanks goes out to Renny Koshy, Tom Kartanowicz, Chris Hedemark, William Enestvedt, Dan A., Rainer Heilke, Mark Butscher, Martin Schmidt, Jeff Kennedy, Brent Killion, Gary Sherman, Robert von Borstel, David Harrington, David Fung, Andrew Rotramel, Jon Stanley, Bob Griffor, Eric Horne, Jason Grove, Suhas Bhide, Rick McKinney, Kathy Ange, Casper Dik, and a few who chose to remain anonymous for taking the time to respond to my question. Again, THANKS!

Have a Great Day!!!

                     --- Vern Walls
                         Parsons I.S./Perot Systems
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