SUMMARY: D-1000 on sun Netra t1 105

From: Brett Lanham <>
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 12:01:33 EST
OK lets see if I can put together all the information I got back from the
list :-)  

Thanks to:
Doug Otto, Robert Amos, Chintu Pandya, Daniel Benson, David Fung, Tony
Walsh, Sam Magee, Mark McManus, Stan Pietkiewicz, Christompher Cibrowski,
Colin Humphreys, Mike Ekholm, David Glass, bergman, rauxon, Daniel Weigert
and Kevin Buterbaugh.

*** The Good Stuff ***
Basically the general consensus is that I would need the additional PCI
Differential SCSI controller. (part # X6541A from Sun).  The controller on
the Netra t1 105 is a single-ended SCSI and the D1000 requires a HVD
(high-voltage differential) SCSI controller card.

Some additional info I might as well pass on:  The D1000 can have two sets
of drives each with its own SCSI connectors.  There a 4 connectors on the
back of the D1000, an in and pass-through for each drive set.  This way you
can connect each drive set to different controller cards allowing for higher
I/O bandwidth and redundancy or if you only have one SCSI interface on your
host system you can chain the two drive sets together (connect the
pass-through from one set to the in of the other and terminate the other
pass-through) to get access to all drives in the D1000.  Also the D1000 is
JBOD (just a bunch of disks) which means there is no RAID unless you do
software RAID with something like Disksuite.  If you want hardware RAID then
you need to go with the A1000 array.

Hope this is helpful to others out there.  I appreciate the helpful advice I
get from the list

Brett Lanham

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Greetings and thanks in advance for the help.

I believe my company may be about to purchase a D1000 to house some data for
our development database server we are running on a Sun Netra T1 105.  I
have been told that we need an additional controller card in the Netra to
connect to the D1000 but my Netra has a 68pin external UltraSCSI connector
that I think we might be able to use.  The specs for the D1000 call for
"Dual-port PCI card (host system interface)" which I'm assuming means the
card you need for your host machine, but is this a requirement?  Can anyone
provide any further information on this setup?  Thanks

Brett Lanham
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