SUMMARY: hme and E250

From: Hecubus <>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 11:18:09 EST
The story thus far....

Well, the response I got suggested that I make sure that
/etc/hostname.hme0 was created, to consider assigning qfe0 as my
primary interface, and check the cable/port... which don't really
touch on the problem I've been experiencing.

Solaris 8 creates /etc/hostname.hme0 [eiko] by default on installation.
qfe0 [biiko] is my primary, else I wouldn't have any connection at all on
the system. As for the port/cable, before Solaris kicks in, both hme and
the switch have no problems communicating with each other (as I mentioned,
it even negotiates to 100fdx); after Solaris tries to initiate the device,
neither hme nor any port on the switch will acknowledge the existence of a
cable between them.

When Solaris initiates the device, hme0 completely shuts down (0 packets),
and as long as said device exists as active in the Solaris config, it
prevents any packets from being passed by any port on qfe.

> I'm having a problem with the onboard ethernet on an E250 under Solaris
> 8. Whenever the OS attempts to access that specific hardware, the
> interface completely shuts down.
> At initial boot, both hme0 and qfe[x] seem to negotiate to 100fdx just
> fine, but when the system gets to "configuring IPv4 interfaces: hme0
> qfe0," qfe renegotiates successfully, but hme dies. Solaris thinks it's
> up (albeit at 10hdx), but the switch sees no connection. If I remove
> hme0 from the boot sequence, it will remain green and I'll have no
> problems with it until I type, "ifconfig hme0 plumb."
> Moreover, as long as Solaris thinks hme is running (not even up), I can
> get no activity from qfe (and no pings from either side). If I unplumb
> hme0, qfe0 is fine again.
> I've used ndd to try manaual negotiation and added similar lines to
> /etc/system, to no avail. Oh, and it behaves similarly, regardless of
> the existence of the Quad Fast Ethernet (though without it, of course, I
> can get no connection).
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