SUMMARY Disksuite mirroring

From: Michael Pye <>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 10:01:22 EST

Several answers all of which were useful, many thanks to:
Paul Frederiksen, David Harrington, Jens Larsson, Darren Dunham, Steve

Steve's answer summed up what I needed to do, its quoted below.
Basically I will be backing up the data from one slice, resizing it
and creating a 5th slice for the state databases, newfs'ing the now
smaller slice that held the original data, and restoring the data.

Michael Pye

>You have to either have:
>	1) a separate disk slice on which to place your state database
>	   replicas  (highly recommended)
>	2) you can create state database replicas on a slice that will
>	   later become part of a simple metadevice (concat or stripe),
>	   RAID 5 metadevice or a trans metadevice.   See metadb(1M).
>Since you are going to mirror your two disks, and youa re currently only
>using 4 slices... I *strongly* encourage you to create a 5th slice with
>5mb in it.  Steal the 5mb from one of the other slices by:
>	a) unmount the slice
>	a) back up the slice to the other disk
>	b) re-slice this disk, creating a 5th slice of 5mb
>	c) re-create the fs on the slice from which you just
>	   stole 5mb
>	d) re-store  the fs to that slice from the backup you just created
>	e) create three metadevice state databases on the 5mb slice
>	f) re-slice your other disk to match the disk you just re-sliced
>	g) create three metadevice state databases on the 5mb slice on
>	   the newly sliced 2nd disk
>	h) create your metadevices and mirror them
>You don't necessarily have to create a 5th slice with 5mb for your state
>replicas, but you will still have to backup a filesystem and restore it
>your alternative is:
>	a) unmount a slice
>	b) backup the just unmounted slice to the 2nd disk
>	b) add 3 metadevice state database replicas to the slice just unmounted
>		(NOTE:  this probablly nukes the data on that slice)
>	c) create your metadevices
>	d) once your metadevices are created, newfs the *** metadevice ***
>	   corresponding to the slice you just unmounted / backed up / metadb'd
>	   It is *critical* that you newfs the metadevice;  if you newfs the
>	   /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s# of that slice, you just nuked your metadevice
>	   state database replicas.
>	e) restore the filesystem that was backed up to the 2nd disk to
>	   the filesystem just created on the ** metadevice **
>	f) mount the metadevice, make sure everything is there
>	g) if everything ok, slice the 2nd disk to match the first
>	h) create 3 additional metadevice state database replicas on the matching
>	   slice that corresponds to the slice on the 1st disk to which you
>	   added replicas
>	i) create metadevices out of all the 2nd disk slices
>	j) mirror all the metadevices on the 1st disk to the 2nd disk
>		(i.e. create your mirrors
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