SUMMARY: How to run windows manager in a native mode.

From: Kumar Shravan <>
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 07:13:36 EST
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My Questions : 

How to set the window manager to run in native mode...??

I am installing Oracle 8i using Hummingbird's Exceed X-windows emulator . Oracle documentation says that to set the 
window manager to run in native more so that microsoft windows functions as the window manager.

The Detailed answer to my question Here it goes......

Go to Exceed's Xconfig tool on your PC, choose "Screen definition", there
the Radio button "Window Mode -> Multiple". To the right, new options should
appear with a "Window Manager" dropdown. The default "Default to Native"
should be okay, though you may experiment with the other options. Restart

If you're done, set the DISPLAY environment on the remote box to point to
your PC's (where you're running Exceed) IP address and append ":0" to the
end of it. 

export DISPLAY

Then run what Oracle wants you to run. If you are usually running Exceed
full-screen under XDMCP (i.e. if you're doing graphic logons to your Sun via
Exceed), skip the "Xconfig" step.

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