SUMMARY - how to print the man pages

From: Greg Bennett <>
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 14:25:22 EST
Thank you very much to all who responded!!!

My original question was  "How do I print the manual pages from Solaris??"

I got a number of people who suggested that I use:

man page | lpr

- that failed here on our postscript printers. Sun did give me a fix for
that - please see below.

The command that worked was submitted by Pete Gilbert:

man man | groff -Tascii | lpr

*** The Sun fix for the postscript printer issue: ***

Sun offers this fix if the above does not satisfy your requirements:

""  Problem

I can't print man pages on my Postscript printer. I've tried "man command |
but that doesn't work. It just prints
gibberish text on the page. 

 Problem Solution

There are a couple of potential solutions, but the one that works
for both the troff and SGML man page
formats is the -t option to the man command, which makes use of the TCAT 
environment variable. 

If you are using the Bourne shell or Korn shell: 

    TCAT=/usr/lib/lp/postscript/dpost  man -t command | lp            

If you are using the C shell or Tcsh: 

    env TCAT=/usr/lib/lp/postscript/dpost  man -t command | lp            

The man -t command invokes the command in the TCAT environment variable to 
display the man page. This solution
makes the man command invoke the dpost print filter, which converts the
format man pages into Postscript. The
output is piped to lp, which should be configured to deliver the data to a 
Postscript printer. 

Man pages in SGML format are automatically converted to troff format before
are passed to the dpost filter. ""
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