SUMMARY: Kernel Panic

From: Frederiksen, Paul <>
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 13:21:19 EST
Thanks to:
Casper Dik
Justin Stringfellow
Henrik Martensen

The Answer is in 2 places

Mark Mahabir says,

Check out.....

Has all you need to know.

Justin Stringfellow says,

A kernel thread has attempted to free a mutex (MUTual EXclusion lock) that
did not belong to it. Unfortunately the panic string in itself is not enough
to identify whether it's the kernel itself, or a driver loaded into it.

You should probably make sure your driver and kernel patches are bang up to

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Got this panic on Sunday...Anyone here able to make any sense of it?

Feb 10 03:52:54 asguard savecore: [ID 570001 auth.error] reboot after panic:
mutex_exit: not owner, lp=3000042be28 owner=3000042be48 thread=2a100065d40


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