SUMMARY: Looking to Disable CPU's

From: Brian Sherwood <>
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 11:32:10 EST
99% of the replys said to use psradm, and that is what I did.  "man psradm"

I put it in inittab so that it would take affect no matter what runlevel I
was in and would
not depend on scripts.

A couple people gave a way to disable it in hardware:
You need to take the E450 down to the OBP prompt, then issue the following

OK>.asr         <-- This will tell give a  status of configurable
components. (Remember
           the fullstop)
OK>asr-disable CPU1
OK>asr-disable CPU2
OK>asr-disable CPU3

You should now see three of four CPUs disabled. This will last across
power cycles and can be reversed by using the asr-enable command. They are
visible to the OS after you disable them. You might want to disable
CPUs as CPU4 is usually the first one installed.
Regards Tony Walsh

Another person had a good idea: using psrset, create a processor set of one
CPU and bind my process to that.
That way you are meeting licenseing requirements, and are still using the
other CPU's for other work.

Thanks to everyone

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