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From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 11:09:06 EST
Thanks to:

Vinnie German
Randy Romero 
Michael Piotrowski (Mikko)
Jonathan Patschke
Tommy McNeely
Pat Creamer

Some absolutely wonderful advice (loved the humour - laughter is always good). 
Special thanks to Mikko - his suggestion did exactly what I needed and so far 
"dt" and "CDE" appear to be happy (nothing funky has occurred yet).

(Original question is at the end)
Mikko said to add the following to the /usr/openwin/lib/ file, 
which I did and then reboot the system:

SunAudioMute            -       /bin/true
SunAudioLowerVolume     -       /bin/true
SunAudioRaiseVolume     -       /bin/true
SunVideoDegauss         -       /bin/true
SunPowerSwitch          -       /bin/true
SunPowerSwitchShift     -       /bin/true
SunVideoRaiseBrightness -       /bin/true
SunVideoLowerBrightness -       /bin/true

All four keys (suspend/raise audio/lower audio/mute audio) are completely 
disabled - when pressed nothing happens including zero output in the dtterm (or 
xterm) window. The customer will be extremely happy (until the next request of 

Original question:
Sun Gurus,

I have a request to completely disable the "audio keys" on a Sun keyboard 
MODEL:Type 5 (Solaris 2.6)

I renamed the /usr/openwin/lib/ and this does disable the 'audio 
function' (including the 'suspend key' which is okay) to a point where if used, 
the keys still output "xwyv". But the customer wants no output whatsoever. I 
suggested using super glue but this was nixed :o)

Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be done? The systems that require 
this modification are very "mission critical" and the desired result is that 
when the furry operator accidently or intentionally hits these keys, absolutely 
nothing happens.

Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.


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