SUMMARY: Netra X1 and Solaris 8 Reinstall

From: Tom Kartanowicz <>
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 23:01:10 EST
I originally asked if it were possible to reinstall Solaris 8 on a a Netra X1
without an install server or external cdrom install.

The answer is No.

Thanks to Martin Schmitt, Steve Mickeler and Mika Tuupola for their
informative replies (which follow):

<<You should be able to temporarily add an ide cdrom drive
to the X1 if you open it and plug the cdrom into the second
IDE connector. Then just touch /reconfigure and reboot and
the cdrom should be available.

I haven't done this myself but have seen it done by another

No, there is no other way but installing from an install server. This is
what I did with my brand-spanking-new X1 just yesterday. It's not even
possible to hook up a CDROM to the secondary IDE port since the DMFE
ethernet drivers cannot be installed other than from an install server.

If you've never dealt with an install server: It's simple. Just use a
Solaris End User Group installed server and follow the instructions from the
X1's manual. Don't forget to download the patches for the X1 as mentioned in
the manual. The actual download URL is:

If you've read on the 'net that the X1 cannot be installed from an Intel
based Solaris install server, this is not true. The patch bundle for the X1
is just a little bit broken and can be fixed by this little shell script
after (!) it's been installed to the install server:

export BASEDIR=/path/to/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot     <<<---- EDIT THIS
export DRV=dmfe
export DRVALIAS='"pci128h,9102" "pci1282,9102" "ethernet"'
export DRVPERM='* 0600 root sys'
export ADD_DRV="add_drv -b ${BASEDIR}"
${ADD_DRV} -m "${DRVPERM}" -i "${DRVALIAS}" ${DRV}

> Is there a LOM command to reinstall the OS? I know once we replaced an X1's
> hard drive and upon the first reboot we were prompted with a Solaris 8
> customization/install screen.

I don't think that this state can be brought back once the preinstallation
has been finalized.
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