SUMMARY ^ 2: Does the E-250 use interleaved memory?

From: David Markowitz <>
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 14:12:21 EST
As often happens, my last summary garnered more good info than my
query.  The last summary is below.  Additional emails have been

	Dave Landsiedel
	Larry McCann
	Mark E. Drummond
	One other who requested anonymity

and especially with:

 	Christophe Dupre []

I have now received much better info giving me a 90% probability that
(many) E250s do indeed interleave memory.  The only reason it's not
100% is because Larry McCann's system does not seem to have the
relevant "memory-interleave" nvram variable.  His firmware is way
out of date though, and even though the patch for that says nothing
about memory interleaving, he plans to try upgrading it anyway.

> I asked:
> > I know the E-450 uses two-way and four-way interleaving.  I am
> > looking at configuring an E-250, but can find no mention of this
> > in its manuals.  Should I spread 1GB across all 16 slots, or use
> > larger DIMMs in only 8 slots?
> I received a few answers from:
> 	Mike's List []
> 	Christophe Dupre []
> 	Ben Tierney []
> Mike says "yes I think so".
> Christophe says "yes if all slots have the same size DIMMs".
> Ben thinks "no".
> Only Ben supports his opinion with any references, saying that the
> engineer handbook does not mention it.
> In fact, I've read every doc I can find (including those mentioned by
> Mike) and have found no mention of it.  The E450 docs mention it
> prominently.  Therefor I strongly suspect that the E250 does *not*
> do memory interleaving.  I await proof, however.

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